ALTA GROUP celebrates  its 25th anniversary.

The ALTA GROUP was founded 25 years ago by its owner and CEO Frank Vergunst. This milestone was marked by a reception in the loft of one of the RDM buildings in the Rotterdam harbour. These buildings eradiate industrial development as they host a large number of start- and scale-ups, therefore matching nicely with the activities of ALTA. The reception was well attended: representatives from national and provincial government entities, universities, Port Authorities, current and former commercial partners came to congratulate Frank.
ALTA is currently working on the development of a pilot plant in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, the Mosselbanken. Paulinaschor, a nature reserve that is managed by Het Zeeuwse Landschap, is located next to this site. Frank is committed to preserving, but also developing Nature.  Therefore he encouraged those who considered a gift to make a donation for the preservation of this nature reserve instead. The result was a substantial amount of money, for which Frank is very grateful.

It was an animated gathering, the more so as many attendees knew each other through the various networks.

ALTA GROUP Celebrating at the RDM building in the Rotterdam harbour