Video made for the Circular Industry Day 2023, organised by Smart Delta Resources and North Sea Port.

“Inspired by the current climate issues, we fully endorse that the carbon footprint of all worldwide activities has to be reduced. In order to support this endeavor, the ALTA GROUP started as a consultancy for sustainable chemical and physical process solutions. This service is still provided today.
In the context of climate action, it transpires that Carbon Capture Utilisation (CCU) has become a key challenge for the chemical industry. Therefore we also decided to invest in a novel green technology to produce high purity organic carbonates for the electric vehicle industry. On this website we present the ALTA GROUP activities.”

– Frank Vergunst CEO

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing directly or indirectly green technologies, as we see the importance of climate action in our industry. We will act on this climate action by offering consultancy on renewable process technologies. Furthermore, we will execute our Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) project, which consists of the manufacture & sales of green organic cyclic and lineair carbonates. Read more about our CCU project here.

Our vision

Climate change and the impending shortage of raw materials calls for a full revision of our current economic models and economic growth. In that context the world will fully switch to renewable energy sources and develop circular manufacturing routes, thus substantially reducing the need for virgin raw materials. The ALTA GROUP is keen to make its contribution to these developments by offering technically and commercially sustainable solutions for the process industry, taking into account the Total Cost of Ownership. Moreover, the ALTA GROUP will invest in manufacturing facilities for the production of green organic carbonates in order to supply components for electrolytes to be used inĀ  the booming battery market in Europe. Due to the deployment of a novel, profitable, manufacturing process and the use of captured CO2 the ALTA GROUP will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of organic carbonates. An exemplary case of a socially responsible investment (ESG).