The ALTA GROUP owns an innovative production process that converts CO2 and epoxides into green high purity cyclic carbonates. These cyclic carbonates can be used in batteries, amongst others for electric vehicles. The technology that the ALTA GROUP uses is designed with the objective to convert CO2 and epoxide in a process with a high yield and low energy use. The specific, selective, heterogeneous catalyst is tested under many different process conditions in batch and continuous systems on laboratory- and pilot scale. Results of this research show that the catalyst functions well at atmospheric pressure and relatively low temperatures. The catalyst is stable and easy to regenerate.
In comparison to the current production process, the most important benefits of the ALTA GROUP technology are:

  1. Less energy use (80%, due to milder reaction conditions)
  2. Hardly generates byproducts (very high selectivity of the catalyst)
  3. Use of CO2 from waste streams (impurities have no effect on the catalyst)